Twitter - The Only Social Media Service I Would Pay For

I tell people that Twitter is the only social media service that I would pay for, and they seem shocked by that. Then they usually remark about how they don’t understand the service and stay away from it.

Normally I never have any concrete examples when I’m arguing in favor of the value of Twitter, but now I do. The one I am about to show you pertains more so to the value Twitter provides to those who are trying to sell things through its platform. Here is an exchange I was a part of the other day.

Gary Vaynerchuck tweets this:

I tag my friend Mitch in a response to bring his attention to this book that will be out in a few months (not that he hasn’t probably already pre-ordered it):

Then Gary replies with the Twitter equivalent of a CC:

He then replies again and doesn’t really say much. He’s just trying to be engaging here and make us feel appreciated by recognizing our tweet:

Now Mitch acknowledges the conversation and also offers some kudos to Gary:

Now the guy who was CC’ed replies, and he tries to close a sale! Gary doesn’t have all day to spend on Twitter, but he has a team, and by being present and engaging he converted my tweet into a lead:

Exchanges like this don’t happen on Facebook, Instagram, or MySpace. Only on Twitter. This is just one example of the value Twitter provides. A conversation like this one can help you generate revenue, but more importantly it helps you build your brand, your reach, and your influence. It also helps you engage more stubborn people like myself. I am not Gary V’s biggest fan, but I respect him a lot more for being vigilant and making this heads up play.