Compliments as a Service

Introducing Compliments as a Service, the cheap and scalable way to be nice. This project has been on my TODO list for a while now, and I’m really excited to share it with you. CompAAS represents two exciting firsts for me, 1) it’s my first API and 2) it’s the first project I’ve shipped using NodeJS on the backend.

For my non-technical friends, I’m going to give you a quick run through on how to use this:

  • Scroll down the homepage and find a compliment that you like.
  • Copy the path, and paste it in the URL input field, so that it looks like this
  • Anywhere that you see a “:”, replace it and the trailing placeholder with the name you want to use. Just like this:
  • Hit enter to go to that page and voila, there’s your message. Now copy that URL and send it to someone. They’ll see the same message.

If you have any suggestions/recommendations for quotes, please let me know. The quotes can be from movies, books, or just your everyday life. If there is something you’d like to submit let me know.

Inspiration for this idea came from FOAAS. I thought the concept was funny and wanted to learn how to build my own, and thus CompAAS was born.