myStop® Mobile

myStop® Mobile puts real-time bus information and trip planning in your hands. Quickly and easily access interactive location and schedule information for more than 39 public transit agencies across the US. Available on iOS and Android.

Technologies: React Native, Crashlytics

We! Connect Cards

We! Connect Cards, now on iOS and Android!

Technologies: React Native


An iOS application to help on-demand drivers predict surge pricing and make the most of their time driving.

Technologies: React Native, D3, Mixpanel

Illuminate Real Estate

I was hired to integrate SalesforceIQ into an existing Wordpress site for a Denver based real estate group so that they could better manage their leads.

Technologies: SalesforceIQ, PHP, Wordpress

Getcha' Epic Pass Pics

This chrome extension allows you to download your photos from the EpicMix app, without paying $50. Anyone with web development skills is able to click inspect element and download the images, now you don't need web development skills.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Chrome Extension


HomeAlone.tv is the latest addition to the much greater Murph.Christmas, which gets a new feature every Christmas. This site plays HomeAlone on a loop, so that when anyone loads the site it's like tuning to a TV show.

Technologies: JavaScript, Dropbox, HTML, CSS

Compliments as a Service

A web app that I built in order to learn how simple APIs & Node.js work.

Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Heroku


This is a Slack Integration that randomly inserts an angsty song from Spotify into your current channel.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Slack API, Spotify API


When PokemonGo came out I was abroad and couldn't play, so I built this site instead. Each time someone tweets "#pokemongofails", "#pokemongofailz", or "#pokemongofail" the tweet is copied and posted on this blog. It now has 10,000+ followers and was also in the top 10 on ProductHunt when I made it.

Technologies: Twitter API, Tumblr API

Date Picker

This date picker demo is something that I built while learning how to handle date objects and create date picker UI elements.

Technologies: AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Firebase