My First Video Project

Getting the O.K. to ship a project, with a big ol’ smile from the client, is one of the best feelings. It’s nerve wracking to present a project to them when they give you full autonomy and no storyboard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Reid, William and I drove to Austin, TX from State College for SXSW and documented the entire thing. That was our first video gig - making a promotional video for a local car rental agency, Eagle Automotive. It is the first video any of us have made for anyone but ourselves. I did most of the shooting and editing, and Reid and William were the wunderbar talents that drove and wrote the story.

As I sat editing this video, I kept coming back to this TED talk by Amy Cuddy, in which the major takeaway is “fake it until you become it”. I want to get better at making films and at some point add filmmaker to my resume - until then I just keep acting like I am one. That’s how I get rid of the excuses. When I just say to myself, “I am a filmmaker”, then I avoid the whole internal “I want to make this video, but alas, woe is me, I am not a filmmaker” hangup.

Think about something you want to get better at doing. Now tell yourself you are the type of person who can do that, “I am a runner”, “I am a talk-show radio host”, “I am a filmmaker”.