The Institute of Cryptoanarchy

I’ve finally done it! I made a purchase with Bitcoin - and the future feels great. Well, I’m not sure Bitcoin in its current form is the future, but cryptocurrencies, in general, might just be.

Traveling around this summer I’ve already had to convert USD to Leones, Dinar, Euros, and Crowns - with more potentially to come. Paying with Bitcoins in Prague was such a relaxing exchange compared to many others I’ve had. No conversion fees, no foreign transactions fees, no counting coins that I don’t recognize like a kindergartener, no random nickel-and-dime crap.

Coffee. That was my first purchase. I bought a latte and a pour over. The place I went to is called Paralelní Polis. It has an industrial, edgy look to it. The Linux and VIM laptop stickers coupled with intensely bearded characters gives this place a very “down with the man” attitude. That and the sign on the top of the building that reads, “Institute of Cryptoanarchy”. This space was founded by social activists during the communist rule and it shows.

Not familiar with Bitcoin?

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