Git commit -am "s***"

On January 3, 2017, Github came out with the ability to search commit histories. Commits are chunks of code, normally accompanied by a message that explains what this new code does.

The circumstances under which you write commit messages are ripe for profanity. Celebratory profanity, when you conquer a major bug. Frustration profanity, when your code will not cooperate.

When I first saw this feature release I was immediately curious - curious to see which curse word appeared most in commits. Here are the results (as of 2/26/17):

  • Damn: 448,944
  • Sh*t: 319,186
  • D*ck: 245,414
  • F*ck: 203,372
  • B*tch: 46,621

And the winner is Damn with 448,944 appearances. This total includes other popular derivatives like “Goddamn” and “Damnit”.